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🚸 TV Everywhere (TVE)

TV Everywhere (also known as Adobe Primetime) offers the following features:

  • Authentication - This workflow logs in a user with their MVPD.
  • Authorization - Validates if a user has the entitlements to watch specific content.
  • RSS Format - Allows to send content metadata to Adobe’s backend.
  • Customization - The customer is allowed to change specific parameters of the UI.
  • 2nd screen activation (TV only) - Standard paradigm used for Smart TV’s and Connected Devices instead of a traditional username/password login.

Supported platforms:

iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, Samsung TV and LG


Adobe access enabler plugin and reg code plugin for Roku. Adobe configuration fields required:

  • Software Statement
  • Requester ID
  • Resource ID
  • Deep Link/URL scheme (in the plugin Android only) for iOS its on the general app level

iOS and Android

Add the Adobe Primetime Authentication Quick Brick plugin to your application.