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Auto Content Update Inside Components


Apps that have scheduled events - both live linear channels, or less frequent individual events such as sporting calendar fixtures, typically have future events presented in a component. Whilst the event remains in the future, tapping on the cell launches a promo video or info screen. Metadata info in the cell will inform the viewer such as "On in 5 days" or "Coming Soon". This metadata typically changes in the lifecycle of the event and so cells need to be regularly updated to reflect the latest status without the user having to manually refresh the screen or reload the app.

The Quick Brick Horizontal List Component (only) has an option that allows the component to auto-refresh.


When a Horizontal List component is used in an app the configuration options includes the below:

Enable Data Refreshing Turn this on to enable auto-refresh of all cells in the components

Refreshing Interval Enter an integer value in seconds when the component will auto refresh. The minimum value permitted is 60seconds Any value less than this will be ignored and will default to 60seconds.


Auto Refresh only applies to content in the component that was present when the app was launched. If new items have been added or removed within a feed, the component will not reflect those changes until the app is closed / reloaded.