Build and download iOS & Android apps


Before you build your app for debug / release make sure you completed the list of steps bellow.


Use the docs search to search for relevant information or unknown terminology

  • Upload custom fonts - If your app is using custom fonts.
  • Upload relevant assets
  • Create a layout and activate it for the version you would like to build
  • Install and configure your installed plugins (Follow the specific plugin docs to see what configurations need to be done before build and what configurations can be changed at runtime)
  • If you want to build a store (release) version you'll need to make sure you add the relevant store info. see the Build section below for more info


Select debug or debug and release. Follow any guidance on plugin version warnings

Debug Dialog

iOS Release Dialog

See help text for more info and link to Apple's help center.

Android Release Dialog

See help text for more info and link to the Google Play help center.

Download Debug version to your device

When the build is complete select the download button for your app and choose the debug or store version

Download the apk / ipa file or use the QR code to load the app on a device


If this is the first time you are downloading an iOS debug version, you will need to approve Applicaster provision profile under your device general settings.

On Android, make sure you setup your phone to allow app downloads outside of the Google Play store. - Settings may very according your Android device.