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Scoreboard Component

The Scoreboard component is a highly effective way to showcase info regarding sports matches, such as score, dates, times and more. Additionally, it is possible to include two buttons at the base of each item within the Scoreboard component. These buttons can serve as links that navigate outside of the app or to a different screen.


Create a feed that will provide all the information for matches. Guidelines for the feed structure can be found here.


Add the Scoreboard plugin to your app and rebuild it.

Add a component to the screen by selecting it from the list of components.

Assign the feed to the component.


There are multiple options to style the component.

  • Possibility to present it as a list or a horizontal list.
  • Reverse order of data that is coming from the feed.
  • Add a background image or simply choose a background color.
  • Ability to add team logos.
  • Independent styling for all labels in the component, such as font family, color and size.