Continue Watching


Using the Continue Watching plugin users can continue to watch an item from the last timestamp they stopped. Whenever the user opens a video that she hasn't finished watching. The video will resume automatically form the last time the user stopped.

The plugin can operate in 2 modes:

  • On device (Local): All watching data is saved on the device itself
  • Remote: All watching data is stored on a remote server and can be persistent on all the specific user's devices.

Remote implementation will require to implement APIs on the server and will require to hook into a login mechanism to be able to identify the same user on different devices.

For implementing please check:


  • Install the Continue Watching (Quick Brick) plugin


  • Setup the plugin:

On device


Setup the following configurations
  • Minimum content duration: Content lasting less than this duration (in seconds) won't be tracked for automatic resume.

  • Completion threshold: Default duration (in seconds) from the end of the content to consider the item viewed, and clear it from tracked items.

  • Update frequency: Number of seconds between two updates of the resume time.

  • Maximum number of items tracked: The plugin will not track more than the number of items specified here. New entries will drop tracking of older entries.

  • Image asset key name: This field defines the key used for the image assigned to the continue watching data source.

  • Datasource feed image: Defines the image used for the Continue watching feed.



  • Enable server sync: Toggle if to enable/disable remote syncing
  • Watched segment URL: The URL of the "Video Stopped" cloud event
  • User identifier storage key: The plugin will use this key to identify the user. To determine what is the storage key name, please consult with you account manager or your custom login plugin developers
  • Synced feed: The Feed JSON the holds the list of videos the user started and didn't finish. To develop your own custom synced feed please refer to the Implementing "Continue Watching" feeds doc.

Present a list of all recent unfinished videos

If you want to present in the app a feed that holds the list of unfinished videos you can do the following:

For On device (Local) implementation use the pipesv2://continue-watching feed

For remote implementation, create a normal JSON feed that holds the list of unfinished items. Like in the case of the Synced feed:, you'll probably want to make sure that the feed's endpoint is passing a user specific context key (like user id or token)