The Favourites feature adds a 2-state action button to a Power Cell (mobile only, not available on TV) and allows users to flag content as a favourite and display it in a dedicated favourites page in the app.

It is enabled at a cell level so if a power cell styling instance has favourites enabled then ALL usage instances of that cell styling in an app will have favourites enabled.

Storage of favourites is to device local storage. This feature does not store against an OVP backend.


Ensure this plugin is present that manages the handling of local storage

Favourites as a screen type

Within the favourite screen add any components (Grid, List etc) and a cell style to present your favourites.

The data source will automatically be chosen as Favourites

You may need to consider matching what component and cell styling were used in the rest of the app so that favourited items present in a similar way. Mainly this will be considering the available images in a feed.

Favourites in a component

Select the data source a favourites to populate any component with Favourite sourced content.

Enabling favourites in a power cell

An Action BUTTON can be added to a power cell in the UI Builder Cell configuration.

Go to the Action Button section to upload images and configure.

Notes:Favourites requires a 2 state action button: Selected and not selected

Make sure the plugin identifier is set to the local_storage_favourites_action plugin