Import Cell Styles

Zapp Allows you to easily export and import Cell Styles between layouts.

On this guide we'll focus on importing existing Cell Styles to your layout. Pick one or more Cell Styles from the Cell Style Gallery and download them to your computer.

Bellow the list you'll find a step by step guide on how to import them into your layout.


After importing a Cell Style to your layout you can continue to tweak it according to your brand's needs.

Importing Cell Styles - step by step guide

  1. Download your desired Cell Style from the cell gallery unzip it

Inside the unzip folder you'll find 3 files, a README, A preview image and the Cell Style's JSON file.

  1. Open your layout and open the Cell Styles tab

  1. Click on the New Cell Style button and pick the right plugin according to the README file

  1. Open the Cell Style settings menu and select the Import option

  1. Select the included JSON file from the unzipped folder you downloaded

Once you click on the import button the import process will start. Zapp will list the status of all the settings that compose the cell.

If one of the errors affect your desired design you can tweak it later after previewing the Cell Style on your device (see next step).

  1. Use your created Cell Style in one of your layout's screen components and preview it on your device

  2. Tweak the Cell Style settings according to your needs and preview the changes on your device