Video Ads

Applicaster supports VAST and VMAP tags. You may serve pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll advertisements from your ad-server of choice, utilizing the IMA SDK.

There are two ways to add video ads to the app:

  1. On the plugin level - the ads will appear in all videos.
  2. Via DSP - the ads will appear according to the DSP, ads can be served per item.


  1. Applicaster Default player
  2. IMA tags

iOS, Android, FIre TV, Android TV and Apple TV

  1. Add the “Google Interactive Media Ads QB” plugin.

  1. Add VMAP link or VAST links via DSP or on the plugin. In the plugin itself, add the links and rebuild your versions.


Midroll offset - the value should be an Integer, indicating the start time of the ad from the beginning of the video (in seconds).

To serve ads via DSP, please add an extension with the relevant links. For more information click here.

Samsung and LG

Google IMA comes pre-integrated on samsung and LG. For adding ads, add the ad links to the DSP.


Use google tag examples at first, to make sure the configuration is right.

In case ads aren't served, Check your ads using this Google tool