Native Share


he share feature adds a 1-state action button to any Power Cell and allows users to flag the content URL as shareable and launch the devices native share function. A custom message can be added to the action for the user to receive.

It is enabled at a cell level so if a power cell styling instance has share enabled then ALL usage instances of that cell styling in an app will have share enabled.


Ensure this plugin is added to your app before build time

In the power cell instance where you wish to enable share functionality.

  • Enable the Action Button
  • Enter native_share_action in the plugin identifier
  • Upload a 132px-132px share icon to the UNSELECTED image location only
  • Configure the button for display size and location within the cell

Share URL

The share URL will come from entry.extensions.share_url or in your JSON feed.

Share message

The share message that receivers will see can be configured as follows

  • Hard scripted in the Native Share Cell Plugin "Share Message" field

  • or make an entry in your content data feed of type entry.extensions.share_message

Also when using the data feed extensions you can use the handlebars syntax to use variables from the entry to populate the message, for instance Watch the latest episode of {{ title }} !