TV App Plugins


TV Apps handle plugins exactly the same way as mobile apps. However, the core plugins present in a TV app after the first creation and build of an app is different.

The following core plugins are automatically added to a TV build.

  • Horizontal List (QB)
  • Grid (QB)
  • Cell 1 TV (QB)
  • Group Component (QB)
  • Group Info Component (QB)
  • Group Info Cell TV
  • Quick Brick Base Theme
  • Screen Picker (QB TV)
  • Top Menu Bar TV

Additionally you need to manually add the following plugins before building your app as required

  • A Player plugin. The Quick Brick Player Plugin is available for free from Applicaster
  • A Data Source plugin (for Pipes v1 only)
  • The Applicaster Data Source plugin for manual feeds
  • The General Data Source plugin for feed JSONS, XML and ATOM feeds.