Zapp Plugins


The plugin manager is where you can:

  • See an overview of all plugins in an app
  • Add or remove plugins
  • Access plugins for entering specific config parameters within a plugin


Select Plugin Configuration from Zapp Build Ops for any app

Plugin Overview

This screen will launch

1. Plugin tab

Select from

  • Installed plugins: The plugin overview will display all installed plugins for this specific app

  • Built in plugins: The plugin overview will display all plugins that come as part of the SDK (and don't need to be added separately) for this specific app

  • Available plugins: The plugin overview will display all plugins available to add to an app

    2. Plugin overview

The plugin display area.

Select a plugin to see further information and any configurable parameters.

3. Filter and Search

Narrow down the plugin overview by type or search by name

4. Pre-installed plugins

When an app is first created a number of plugins are automatically added to the build and do not need to be manually added in the Installed Plugins tab. These are:

MobileBottom Tab Bar
Mobile & TVCell info QB
MobileContinue Watching
MobileDependency React Native
MobileFast Image (Android only)
MobileIn Line Player
Mobile & TVGeneral Provider DSP
Mobile & TVGrid (QB)
Mobile & TVGroup Component (QB)
Mobile & TVGroup Info (QB)
MobileHero (QB)
Mobile & TVHorizontal List (QB)
Mobile & TVList (QB)
MobileLocal Storage Favourites Action
MobilePower Cell 1 QB
MobilePower Cell 2 QB
MobilePower Cell 3 QB
Mobile & TVQB Base Theme
MobileQB Navigation bar
MobileQB Player Plugin
MobileQB Mobile Search Screen
MobileQB Side Menu
MobileTabs QB Mobile
MobileWebscreen (QB)
MobileWebview Component
TVCell 1 TV
TVScreen Picker QB
TVTV Top Menu