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Available Context keys

As mentioned here, you can add a list of context keys to a given endpoint. Bellow you can find the list of available endpoints that come out of the box from the Zapp SDK.


Please note that a Quick Brick plugin can add extra context keys that can be added to an endpoint. To find out if a given plugin declared a new endpoint, please refer to the plugin API or manifest

Context KeyDescriptionExample
bundleIdentifierThe unique App identifier of an app as used in the store(aka as Package Name for Android)com.yourapp
advertisingIdentifierThe unique identifier of a specific device. Note that on Apple devices (iOS/tvOS) this might not be available based on user's permission to grant data collection.2b292db3-2f84-4a2c-aa08-0641730e5d06
osVersionThe device OS version15.0
deviceModelThe device modeliPhone X
deviceMakeThe device makeiPhone
deviceNameThe device nameJohn's iPhone
deviceTypeThe device type (mobile, tablet, tv, web, other)mobile
userAgentUser agent (Note that user-agent value for tvOS is different from other platforms, as it is provided by the operating system itself, due to the absence of a built-in web browser on tvOS devices.)Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 150 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/15E148 Example for tvOS: AppName/1 CFNetwork/758.1.2 Darwin/15.0.0
deviceWidthThe device screen width in pixels360
deviceHeightThe device screen height in pixels640
timeZoneOffsetThe UTC offset of the device. the format corresponds to the Z offsetUTC+01:00
platformThe device platform SDK - ios, android, amazon_fire_tv, android_tv, tvos, roku, samsung_tv,
sdk_versionThe SDK version of the app1.0.0
version_nameThe version number of the running app1.0.0
layoutIdThe current layout id of the device497fe2c4-b773-4cac-896c-4a33da70b931
isDebugIf the current version running on the app is a debug versiontrue
languageCodeISO 639-1 representation of language code used by deviceen
languageLocaleLocale used by deviceen_GB
storeDefault app store used by a devicegoogle_play
isDebugIf the current version running on the app is a debug versiontrue
signedDeviceInfoTokenA signed JWT that holds user info (The country code) where the end user is located)-