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Continue Watching Feed


Customers that want to implement the remote "continue watching" feature, should implement 3 API gateways:

  1. A POST URL to video.stopped Cloud Event that will be sent anytime the user stopped the video player.
  2. A Synced feed that the app will query periodically to get information about the remote list of unfinished videos (See bellow)
  3. Optional - A full JSON feed with a list of all of unfinished videos to show inside a component

Synced feed

The plugin will request on app launch + every hour the feed to retrieve the list of server stored resume watching list.

The structure of the feed should be written in the following format:

"entry": [
"id": "296bed86-11dc-43c3-9aaf-bfb25600ad2a", // the unique id of the video
"extensions": {
"resumeLastUpdate": <TIMESTAMP>
"resumeTime": "<Number of seconds from the beginning of the video from which playback should start when playing this item>",
"progress": 0.43 // number between 0 - 1 indecating the progress of the fed
"resumeCompleted": true // When set to true, the app will use this info to remove the video from the list
}, {...}, {...}
  • The app will call the feed at app launch + every hour to sync and retrieve the most up to date list of videos.

  • The feed should follow the Pipes2 endpoints spec. Probably it will need to use the user’s id as a context key to be able to return a personalized list.

  • The response of the feed will be merged with the local resume watching list as follows:

    • Local list and remote feed items will be ordered by timestamp.

    • If local and remote feeds share the same id they will be merged to a single item - (the latest timestamp remote / local will “win” in case of conflicts”.

  • The list will be filtered to store the max list size determined by the plugin config settings.