Available Context keys

As mentioned here, you can add a list of context keys to a given endpoint. Bellow you can find the list of available endpoints that come out of the box from the Zapp SDK.


Please note that a Quick Brick plugin can add extra context keys that can be added to an endpoint. To find out if a given plugin declared a new endpoint, please refer to the plugin API or manifest

Context KeyDescriptionExample
advertisingIdentifierThe unique identifier of a specific device. Note that on Apple devices (iOS/tvOS) this might not be available based on user's permission to grant data collection. 2b292db3-2f84-4a2c-aa08-0641730e5d06
osVersionThe device OS version15.0
deviceModelThe device modeliPhone X
deviceMakeThe device makeiPhone
deviceNameThe device nameJohn's iPhone
userAgentUser agentMozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 15_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/15E148
deviceWidthThe device screen width in pixels360
deviceHeightThe device screen height in pixels640
timeZoneOffsetThe UTC offset of the device. the format corresponds to the Z offsetUTC+01:00
platformThe device platform SDK (e.g. ios, android, tvos, roku, samsung_tv etc.))android
sdkVersionThe SDK version of the app1.0.0
appVersionThe version number of the running app1.0.0
layoutIdThe current layout id of the device497fe2c4-b773-4cac-896c-4a33da70b931
isDebugIf the current version running on the app is a debug versiontrue
languageCodeISO 639-1 representation of language code used by deviceen
languageLocaleLocale used by deviceen_GB
storeDefault app store used by a devicegoogle_play
isDebugIf the current version running on the app is a debug versiontrue
signedDeviceInfoTokenA signed JWT that holds user info (The country code) where the end user is located)-