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Video Preload API Integration Guide


The Video Preload Plugin is a module within the Applicaster app that performs two essential functions before playing a video. It is designed to provide a seamless integration for fetching entry-specific information, such as personalized ads, DRM content, and user entitlement verification, and securely generating signed URLs for accessing video content.

This integration guide aims to help developers understand the Video Preload Plugin's functionalities and the necessary steps to integrate it into their API and Applicaster app. By following this guide, developers can create a streamlined user experience that ensures video content is appropriately personalized, protected, and accessed only by authorized users.

The flow could be explained in the following diagram:

Use Cases

Verify User Entitlements

To verify user entitlements before providing video access, use the Fetch Entry endpoint. The response object will contain the item entry information including the stream source. Include the access_token, id_token or any other user identifier parameter to verify user entitlements for the video.

Fetch User Specific Personalized Video Ads

You can use the Fetch Entry endpoint to fetch user-specific parameters to inject into ad macros for personalized ads. When making the request, include relevant parameters such as platform, device model and bundle identifier (or any other required) to retrieve user/ app specific ads.

Fetch DRM (Digital Rights Management) Information

To fetch DRM information for a video, use the Fetch Entry endpoint. The response object should contain a feed with the entry including the DRM information required for video playback.

Source URL signing

The URL Signing function securely generates a signed URL for accessing video content. This is especially useful for cases where access to the video content is restricted, and only authorized users should be able to view the content.

To integrate the URL Signing function, your API should generate a signed URL when requested by the Applicaster app. The signed URL should grant access to the video content only to authorized users.