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Cross Device Favorites

Users may mark their favorite shows / teams / categories / clips for quick access or compile their own watchlist for future viewing, and sync them across the devices they are logged into with their user account.


This feature requires a supporting backend


  1. A DSP that implemented cross device favorites
  1. Plugins - Make sure the "Local Storage Favorite Action" plugin is added to the relevant versions. On Roku, make sure the "Actions Buttons (Roku)" plugin is added to the relevant versions.

Plugin Configuration

Modify the favorites assets you want to use and build. You can use two flavors in case you use favorites in light background on cells or a dark background on images.

Modify the favorites text in the Localization modal

Setup you remote server configuration

In the plugin configuration screen switch on the Enable server sync.

Fill out the rest of the fields according to the instructions given by your server implementation.

Adding the favorites action to the cell


In the layou, add the favorites action to the cell. You can add it as a single action or in the actions menu modal. To do so, enable the action button and fill the identifier.

For a single action, fill the identifier: local_storage_favourites_action

For actions menu, fill the identifier: open-modal-bottom-sheet-cell-action

Read more on Actions Menu


In the layout, add action button to the cell.

Read more on Buttons on TV


Action buttons on Roku can only be added to Hero component.