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LG and Samsung Submission Guidelines

We’ve created guidelines to facilitate a smooth submission process for your apps to the LG and Samsung stores. The process includes submitting a light version for approval. Once approved, you can remotely replace it with the full version.

Potential complexities when submitting apps to the Store

  1. Extended Review Times: The process can take weeks to months, potentially exceeding estimates.
  2. Uncertain Timelines: LG and Samsung provide unclear wait times, resulting in unpredictable waiting periods.
  3. Limited Communication: Minimal feedback during reviews makes it challenging to understand delays or rejections.
  4. Ambiguity: Clear guidelines are scarce, leading to unpredictable outcomes for similar apps.

Previous Hosted App

If you deployed hosted apps and you own the domain, please update your CSM. We will then guide you through the process of replacing it with the latest version.

Prepare the app

Create a version

  1. Create a new version and make sure to use the remote bundle function. Read here for more information on how to use it.

  2. Create a layout for submission only.

    • Open a new layout.
    • Create a home screen with a hero and up to 3 rails. Use only system presets.
    • Add a player screen.
    • Add a type mapping for video.
    • Adjust the layout with your content and brand.
    • Perform a comprehensive QA assessment of the application.

Please follow these instructions:

  • No VPN should be required
  • No login should be required. If this is not possible, the layout should have a logout button on the menu.
  • No advanced features such as search, progress bar, EPG, etc.
  • Videos should be working in all scenarios (without login, geo block, etc.)
  • Remove any consent management plugin in case it is there.
  • Better have short videos. No longer than 20-25 minutes.

This layout will be tested by the reviewers of LG and Samsung. Once it is approved, it will automatically be published in the store and be available on the Store. Therefore we recommend having a layout with content that is open to customers. Additionally, prepare an advanced layout for remote replacement once the initial version receives approval.

Submit to the stores

Submit the app to the store, please make sure the following:

  1. On the LG content store, submit the app without pointer support (magic remote control).
  2. On the LG content store, make sure that submission does not include FHD devices (resolution 720p).
  3. On the LG Content Store, ensure that you mark support for years 2018 and up, and WebOS 4 and up.
  4. On the Samsung store, submit the app without CC support. Only subtitles.
  5. On the Samsung Store, do not include 2019 devices.
  6. Make sure your app icon is a solid color.