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Remote Bundle (Samsung / LG)

From version 9, the app bundle file itself may be modified remotely. This way you can update your LG and Samsung apps remotely - even if it requires a new build. Once the app is approved for the first time by the store, you will no longer need to resubmit it. This is a major advancement, especially since lead times for both stores are especially long.

Submitting the Master Version to the Store

In order to start updating the version remotely, you will need to submit the first version, as a master version.

  1. Begin by triggering debug/release build of your app, and creating a remote bundle by using the check box. This remote bundle will serve as the foundation for your future updates.

  1. Once the build is finished, download the app package file and submit it to the store.

  2. Promote the master version using the dropdown menu on the right side. This will help you track which version is displaying to users in the store. Here you can also see which version is promoted in the store.


Existing versions in the store that were not built using this new remote update feature will remain unaffected.

Updating versions remotely

  1. Create a new version with all the required updates and make sure it's tested and ready.

  2. Trigger debug/release build of your app, and create a remote bundle by using the check box.

  3. Promote the Relevant Version via Zapp on the top of the screen by using the dropdown menu. Once you promote a version, the app will be updated remotely to all users.

You can see the prompted version now will appear in Zapp as promoted version (Instead of master).


If you want to update your store version layout. Make sure you are using the promoted version, and not the master version (unless the master version is the promoted one).