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Parent Lock

The Parent Lock feature is intended to secure access to a specific screen. In accordance with the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule), Publishers are required to restrict access to external websites and other sections through an age gate.

iOS and Android

Add the parent lock plugin to your versions.

Modify and localize the texts according to your needs on the “Localization” modal on the plugin.

In the layout add the Parent lock screen.

Modify the challenge to your needs. You can use digit (1,2,3) or words (one, two, three). Choose the maximal multiplier.

Design the screen. If you choose to display a background image, its size should be 1125x2436px, and the close button size should be 100x100 px.

Once you are done, add the screen as a pre-hook to the relevant screens. On the wanted screen, go to “Screen Storyboard” and select the parent lock screen.