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Smart App Rater

The Smart App Rater is a tool to invite positive feedback and ratings from users. App ratings are vital to the success of your app. The Smart App Rater allows you to target users who visit the app very frequently, by inviting the loyal users to rate the app, the probability of high rating increases.

iOS and Android

Add the App Rater plugin.

In the “Localization” modal, select the language in which the prompt will be displayed.

Build the version.

In the Layout, add the App Rater screen and set it up as a pre-hook to your home screen.

Define the number of X sessions during a specific period which will result in users getting the Smart App Rater pop up. For example: When loyal users visit the application a minimum three times a week, you can define the Smart App Rater pop up to display only for users who use the app at least 3 sessions in 7 days.


Google and Apple restrict the number of times the alert will be shown to the user. Apple allows showing the alert three times per year (the OS will block this after the 3rd time). Google does not provide clear restrictions or rules, but will block the alert if it will detect that it was presented too many times.


The App Rater on Android is displayed only if there is a version in the store. New apps will not present the App Rater in the debug environment.