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Introduction To Insights+

Insights+ aims to enable app managers to improve application usability and business performance continuously.

Insights+ is a premium package that includes three main features:

  • Dashboards - A visualization tool, based on industry best practices, covering users, sessions, media & player behavior, screen performance, content, and even background behavior. The dashboards are built using Google Data Studio and Google BigQuery.
  • Beta Layouts - An experimentation and roll-out hub, allowing discrimination of experience between groups of users, and collection of comparative analytics through the dashboarding tool, supporting fact-based decision making and ultimately - continuous improvement of business performance.
  • Visual Saliency - Understand what attracts users’ visual attention, through advanced AI algorithms. With this tool, designers are empowered with actionable data, allowing them to harness their talent in an impactful way.

To enable Insights+,