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Metrics Hub

Built-in to your application is a powerful hub measuring hundreds of behavioral and quality metrics, allowing you to pipe them through to 3rd party analytic systems, such as Firebase, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and more. The metrics hub is the foundation for any data strategy.

The metrics hub includes a few main categories of analytics events:

  1. Screen Views - Screen views represent screens, and content users view within an app. Measuring screen views allows you to see which content is being viewed most by your users and how they navigate between different pieces of content.
  2. Tapping Events - Tapping events represent users' taps (clicks) within different screens and navigation in the app. Measuring tapping events allows us to see which content drives more engagement (tapping) and which UX/UI components drive more engagement (tapping).
  3. Player Events - Player events represent users' engagement with content, advertisement, and streaming quality within the app video/audio player. Measuring player events allows us to see which content drives more engagement (number of plays, view time), optimize our in-player advertisement, and ensure we provide a high-quality streaming service.
  4. Purchase Events - Purchase events represent in-app purchases engagement. Measuring purchase events allow us to optimize the app monetization, including analyzing pricing, churn, and more.