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Chromecast enables the end user to cast the content from an Android or iOS device to Chromecast enabled devices. The Chromecast icon is displayed inside the player when a Chromecast device is available. It can be also displayed on top of the navigation bar of the app.


In order to cast your content, a receiver app and app id are required. To get a receiver app id - contact your CDN provider. More details can be found here.

Information on how to set the stream encoding to match the Chromecast-supported encoding that can play on a Chromecast device can be found here.

List of supported audio and video types for HLS.


Add the Chromecast action plugin and set your Chromecast app id and rebuild you app.

Customize the modal that displays the connected devices Modify the text under th Localization modal

Modify the color of the Chromecast icon that will be displayed on the player

In the Studio, open the player screen and add to the player actions buttons field the identifier: quick-brick-chromecast-action

Adding Chromecast icon to the navbar

Add Chromecast Nav Item plugin.

In the Studio, go to the Navigation tab on the relevant layout and choose the relevant navbar. Add the Chromecast nav bar button. Enter the configuration and choose the plugin: Chromecast action

Choose the action icon flavour as is set on the plugin level to match your design.