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Picture in Picture

Picture-in-picture minimizes the player into a small player that users can move around on their home screen. By using this feature, users can still watch the content on their screen while using other applications. Currently Picture in Picture feature is supported on Quick Brick Player and Kaltura player.


Ensure that the player plugin has been added to the version.

Make sure that on the player screen configuration, the “Picture in Picture” toggle is ON.

To ensure optimal performance, enable 'now playing' option for background playback, ensuring sound works even in Lock Screen mode. Please note that for Android, this feature must be enabled in the plugin, while for iOS, it's activated on the player screen.

  • Supported on iOS, from OS 14 and above.
  • Supported on tvOS. The feature is part of tvOS SDK and no action is required.
  • Supported on Android OS 8 and above.