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The downloads feature enables downloading supported video and audio, so that they can be played in the app even if the device is offline.


Data source with downloaded items and extension that indicate if the item is downloaded. Read more here


Certain DRM / Paywalls might not be supported.

iOS and Android

Add the ‘Offline Content Button Action’ plugin

Modify the text under the Localization modal

But default the app looks for the extensionhqme field and checks if its set to true. If needed, align the data key of downloaded items with your DSP.

Modify the Downloads assets you want to use and build. You can use two flavors in case you use downloads in light background on cells or a dark background on images.

Adding the Downloads action button to the cell

In the Studio,add the downloads action to the cell. You can add it as a single action or in the actions menu modal. To do so, enable the action button and fill the identifier.

For single action, fill the identifier: offline-content-button For actions menu, fill the identifier: open-modal-bottom-sheet-cell-action

Read more on Actions Menu

Promote your Downloads

You can create a screen or component to promote the downloaded items. To do so, create a feed using the URL:


Then create a screen or/and component with this data source.

Add the empty State Alert with a call-for-action message to add downloads.


This feature is supported on mobile devices only.