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Autoplay Video

The Autoplay Video feature elevates user interaction by automatically playing a short video trailer when the focus is placed on the content. This feature is available on both TV and mobile platforms starting from version 9.

Mobile and TV

On mobile, autoplay can be enabled for the horizontal list, list, and hero components, while on TVs, it's available in the gallery and hero components.

To get started, add a component to the screen and assign a cell style as usual.

Enable video preview at the component level and pick a video screen (player screen) from the dropdown menu. If there are multiple player screens within the layout, any of them can be selected since any unique player screen settings will not affect the preview cell.

On mobile enable action button in the cell style that is assigned to the component. Depending on the player that will be used for autoplay add relevant plugin ID.

For Quickbrick player: QuickBrickPlayerPlugin

For Kaltura player: KalturaPlayerPlugin

Data source

To display a trailer video, you need to include the following parameter in the feed: entry.extensions.preview_playback. First, the feature will look for a teaser url and if it’s missing in the feed the video from the main video source will be displayed.


Please note:

  • The ads will not be displayed in the Autoplay Video feature.
  • Paid content will not be played in the autoplay component unless a teaser URL has been added to the feed.