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Offline Mode

Offline Mode is triggered if the user has a limited/no internet connectivity. This feature provides a customizable explanatory header, a retry button, and may pair with the downloads feature.


This feature is supported on mobile devices only

iOS and Android

Add the Offline Experience plugin. All configuration takes place on a plugin level.

Explanatory Header

The explanatory header has two states: Online & Offline. These will show when connectivity changes to let the user know that they are online or offline. Modify the design according to your needs.

Modify the text on the Localization Modal

Offline Screen

The Offline Screen is shown when navigating to a non-offline enabled screen (offline content).

The offline screen is usually a screen that explains that there is no connectivity and offers to open the downloads screen that does work in offline mode.

You can configure the following:

  • Background color
  • Image
  • Two text labels
  • Option to buttons:
    • A. retry
    • B. go to the offline home screen.

Set an Offline Home Screen

To set the offline home screen, first create a screen that will work offline (offline content such as download). Then, open the layout setting (top right corner in Studio) and select this screen to be set as the offline home screen.