Empty State Alert

At times, it is important to draw the user’s attention to the fact a screen/component are empty. This Alert enables you to display an alternative view, when there aren't any items in the feed. It is optional, and may be appropriate for favorites, downloads or search - as useful examples.

::info This feature is supported on mobile only. :::

Ios and Android

Create a cell style to hold the empty component cell style design. Use title key for the title and use summary key for the description.

Add the Empty Group Component plugin to your versions and build.

On the layout, create a group component with the following components and order:

  • Empty component
  • The wanted components that will be displayed when the feed will return content. For example: group info and list.

Modify the alert component.

Edit the alert text in the Localization modal.

Choose the cell style you've created as the cell style.

In the “Empty entry properties” section upload an image on “Entry Asset” and modify the key name to the corresponding key name on the cell style you've created.

The text labels are the cell style's default title and summary.